What is the Relevance of Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse Gaming Industry?

What is the Relevance of Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse Gaming Industry?

The metaverse gaming industry today is making billions of dollars. Don’t believe us? Look what these stats have to say:

As per Gamer Stats, there are more than 3.1 billion gamers globally.

204.6 billion dollars of revenue generation is expected by Forecasts by the end of next year. The mobile Metaverse gaming market’s expected revenue by 2024 is over 18 billion dollars. Gigantic figures!!

Cryptocurrency has been looked at as a mysterious topic even now by some people. Its relevance & use in the Metaverse gaming world is as direct and essential as any other primary aspect. Giant crypto businesses like Funex Wallet have plans to launch Metaverse & NFT games in their roadmap even before their native coins.

The technology is getting better & cheaper with each passing day, which means it is now available to a vast user base. The COVID pandemic has also helped the gaming industry become boom and is responsible for its present growth.

The combination of crypto & Metaverse is a highly technological and ultra-modern advancement in human history.

Without cryptocurrency, Metaverse games can’t be made or played. As Metaverse games use actual digital assets to be enjoyed. They are designed that way. One must use cryptos to buy either tokens, avatars, lands, NFTs, or any other virtual assets, including game tools.

Companies like Funex are building this huge infrastructure of Metaverse games and crypto exchanges, Funex wallet, coin, and everything else that can possibly exist today.