Types of Crypto Chart patterns and How they Work

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The introduction of cryptocurrencies currently has a substantial effect on the modern world. It makes use of advanced technology, which not only makes it risk-free, efficient, and fast but also gives it tremendous potential for the future. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, it is essential to study the relevant graphs and keep track of the market over time. Exploring these factors and making the appropriate choice might boost the likelihood of earning a great deal of profit in a relatively short amount of time.

In this article, we are going to discuss what are crypto chart patterns and graphs. We are also going to guide you through the types of chart patterns and how they work.

What are crypto chart patterns?

Chart patterns are merely repeating configurations in prices that can be seen on a chart. Although at first sight, these price changes could appear to be completely random, traders really search for a series of patterns to determine the sentiment of the market. When making judgments about trading, these insights are taken into account with findings from other types of technical analysis, such as technical indicators or candlestick patterns.

The base of the majority of chart patterns consists of trend lines that connect a sequence of highs or lows in the chart’s range. It is important to pay attention to trend lines since prices have a tendency to react to them as psychological barriers. This is especially true if prices have reacted to the trend lines several times in the past or if there are a lot of volumes when prices are getting close to trend lines.

Types of crypto chart patterns?

Ascending Triangle Crypto Chart Patterns

This Crypto Chart Pattern is a bullish indication, which means it implies that the trend is going to continue rising. One of the most common patterns observed in bullish markets is known as the ascending triangle.

During an uptrend, the first resistance is encountered, and the price moves in the opposite direction until it reverses initial support. Prior to reaching the second resistance, which is close to or on par with the first resistance level and also makes the horizontal line in this pattern, the price reverses direction and keeps moving upward.

In most cases, a breakout will take place in the same direction as the trend that is already in place. When the price movement breaks through the top line of the triangle with increased volume, which is when most traders will initiate a position, the price should climb by an amount that is comparable to the broadest part of the triangle. Let us know how to keep your money safe, banking or cryptocurrency?

Descending Triangle Crypto Chart Patterns

The continuation of the downward trend is shown by the bearish indication, which suggests that the trend will continue. In addition to this, it is the inverse of an ascending triangle.

When a price is moving in a downward trend, the initial barrier of opposition that is met establishes the level of horizontal resistance for the remainder of the pattern. The price reverses in the opposite direction from where it had been trending and reaches its initial support, which will end up being the highest point of this pattern.

The price reverses around and locates its second support at a level that was previously functioning as its first resistance. The price makes another reversal and encounters its resistance at a level that is lower than it was before, which reverses the downward angle of the triangle.

Head & Shoulders Crypto Chart Patterns

The crypto chart pattern known as the head and shoulders appear when the price of an item first climbs to a particular level, then retreats before climbing to that level once more. Depending on when in the market cycle this chart pattern appears, it can either have a bullish or a negative implication for the price action.

The head and shoulders pattern is a bearish technical pattern that identifies a potential trend reversal. It is not a pattern that occurs very frequently. The price encounters its initial point of resistance, which forms the left shoulder of the pattern when an uptrend is present.

As the price reverses, it reaches its first support level in a short increment, completing the construction of the left shoulder.

When the price reverses and travels upward, it encounters the second barrier, which must be higher than the first.

The price reverses around and proceeds in the other direction until it reaches the second support, which is close to the same price as the first support, thereby completing the head formation.

Channel Down and Channel Up Crypto Chart Patterns

Crypto chart patterns of trading known as channel down and channel up may be visualized as diagonal parallel lines of exchange range. It occurs when parallel support and resistance lines are crossed in either direction by an upward or downward trend. It indicates either a possible reversal in the current trend or a change in the slope of the trend that is already evident.

In the beginning, traders might begin trading when the price swings inside the trendlines of their channel if they believe the price is likely to stay there. This is done by employing emerging patterns. When the price crosses the trendlines of the channel, either on the upper or lower side, with complete patterns (i.e., a breakout), you should consider entering a trade. When this does occur, there is a possibility that the price may spike in the direction of the breakout.

Cup & Handle Crypto Chart Patterns

The cup and handle pattern is a bullish statistical chart pattern that suggests the continuation of an existing pattern. It is not a pattern that occurs very frequently.

Whenever there is an increase, the price will encounter its first barrier of opposition, which will be the edge of the cup pattern. The price reverses in the other direction, and after a few price reversals and little increments, it reaches its support at the lowest point in the pattern, which also serves as the bottom of the cup.

The price direction reverses and begins to go upward in brief bursts until it encounters the second resistance, which is located at a level close to the first level of resistance, completing the cup formation.

The formation of a handle is brought about when the price advances in a downward direction until it reaches a support level that is higher than the initial support level.

When the price movement reverses upward and breaks out of the cup and handle structure, the pattern is said to have been completed successfully.


These are some of the popular Crypto chart patterns which we generally get to see. But there are many patterns you can find. Crypto coins are one of the best choices these days to invest in. You can check out the Funex coin, it is one of the safe, most efficient, and best cryptos available in the marketplace because it is multi-blockchain crypto.

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